10 Fun Facts About the Immune System You May Not Have Known

We all have an immune system that helps our bodies fight off foreign invaders and stay healthy. But did you know that it can get confused and attack our own healthy tissue? The immune system is like a military base that works hard to protect us. Here are 10 fun facts about the immune system you may not have known before! And as an added bonus, they will help you understand how the immune system works. Once you know these facts, you will have a greater appreciation for your body’s defenses.

First, the immune system is divided into two types. The innate immune system serves as the first line of defense against offending agents. It’s like the local police and is always on standby to respond to foreign agents that invade your body. It works by regulating three major processes: recognizing foreign agents, activating defense mechanisms, and eliminating them. Innate immune cells consist of several different types of cells. Most are epithelial, which line the interior of many organs and secrete immunological molecules.

Antigens are the principal cause of the immune system’s response. These pathogens are delivered to the regional lymph nodes, where B and T cells are produced. These cells respond to the antigens by releasing antibodies to kill them. But that’s not all the immune system can do! There are several other types of antigens and how they affect our immune system. Infections such as COVID-19 are a prime example of this, and secondary respiratory bacterial infections are a primary cause of death in many patients.

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