How to Achieve an Index Match Across Multiple Sheets

One way to achieve an index match across multiple sheets is to combine two functions into one. One is the INDEX function, which returns the values of all the columns on a particular row. The other is the MATCH function, which identifies a specific item within a range of cells. The latter is useful for sharing data with others. To learn more about Index and Match, check out the documentation. The video below explains how to combine these two functions.

The INDEX/MATCH formula combines the two functions INDEX and MATCH. The first returns the value of a cell, and the second returns the position in the row or column. These two functions combined allow users to quickly find data points and avoid errors. You can even use the INDEX/MATCH formula to sort a list of columns or rows based on a specific criteria. If you’re not comfortable using a search feature or searching for a cell value, you can also use the MATCH function instead.

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