Coolest Fashion Magazines

If you’re a fan of pop culture and are looking for a great fashion magazine, you can’t go wrong with V. This feminist newsurl publication aims to bridge the divide between cyberfeminism and the real world. It was started by Ione Gamble out of frustration with mainstream publications’ tendency to favor minimalism. It’s full of extravagant fashion narratives and the finest analogue fashion photography. One of its standout features is that it doesn’t do any newsglo beauty retouching. Furthermore, it pledges to not show its material anywhere else.

Harper’s Bazaar is America’s pseudo original fashion magazine. It features the hottest designers, trends, and runway shows. It also features backstage videos and exclusive model interviews. This magazine is the premier destination for fashion news and ideas. You’ll find everything you need to stay in style, from hair to makeup and from beauty products.

Printed in New York and savetoby Vancouver, Pylot has a counter-culture approach to fashion photography. Presented as huge unbound posters, the magazine’s pages are easily mounted as art on walls. It’s the perfect way to show your love of fashion. Alternatively, Pylot focuses on photography and street culture and features a subculture called Sneeze. Aside webvan from being a great fashion magazine, Sneeze also features art on its pages.

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