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The modern mob is the new way to do business in the gangster world. Whether you’re looking to be an opportunistic criminal, or you want to be part of a larger organization that has the power to do something drastic, the modern mob is the place to be. But with so many different types of mobs, which is the right one for you?

Ori Spado

Ori Spado is not just a Hollywood fixer. He is also a guy who got into the game in the first place. He was a small town kid who grew up in Rome, NY. He went to the free Rome Academy and enlisted in the U.S. Army. He married twice, lived in Los Angeles, and finally settled in San Francisco. He became an insurance salesman for Prudential Insurance Company, but eventually went down the bad boy road.

The movie “The Accidental Gangster” is based on the life of the late Orlando “Ori” Spado. He was a fixer in New York City, and he was also involved in the tidbits of the city. He was an associate of the New York City underboss of the Colombo crime family, John “Sonny” Franzese. He got a few things right. He was honorably discharged in 1966, he was a movie buff, and he made a few friends in the process.

Liborio Bellomo

Liborio Bellomo is currently head of the Genovese crime family. Although the family has been around for centuries, its modern incarnation has surpassed its illustrious predecessors and now has over 200 made members.

While the official Genovese name may not be as well known as that of the Gambino mob, it is a fact that Bellomo is the top dog in a group of talented and experienced men. His accomplishments include installing shop stewards for local unions in the District Council of Carpenters. He also earned the title of acting boss of the Genovese family. He is believed to have taken the helm following the death of longtime stooge Vincent Gigante in 2005.

In the 1990s, Bello was handpicked to become the acting boss of the Genovese family. As luck would have it, he met a wiseguy at an odd time in his life. He went on to install crew members in key positions in the unions and became the undisputed master of the mob’s kitchen.

Joe Colombo

The Colombo family is considered the most powerful New York mafia. They are often referred to as the ”Godfather” of the mob. The Colombo family is divided into two factions.

The first Colombo War was sparked by the kidnapping of the Profaci family. The second was sparked by Gallo’s release from prison. The ensuing chaos resulted in a series of bomb scares. These scares forced Paramount’s New York offices to evacuate.

The Colombo crime family was reportedly the inspiration for the Godfather. They also were among five mafia families that ruled New York City. The Colombos, along with the Gambino, DeCavalacante, and Lolordo families, were known for their brutality.

Joe Colombo was an associate of Michael Persico and an associate of Joe Profaci. He became the acting boss of the Colombo family. He was one of the most prominent figures in the mafia, and was the driving force behind the Italian-American Civil Rights League. His son Andrew was the vice president of the league.

Genovese mob bosses

Vito Genovese and Lucky Luciano were the two modern mob bosses of New York City, respectively. They each contributed to the formation of the National Crime Syndicate in the United States.

Vito Genovese grew up in rural Italy. He immigrated to New York City as a teenager. He met Charles “Lucky” Luciano in the 1920s. The two allied in gambling and bootlegging.

When Vito Genovese was indicted on murder charges in 1937, he escaped to Naples, Italy. He later returned to New York. However, he was arrested for narcotics conspiracy in 1959. His crimes included attempting to assassinate Frank Costello. He died in prison in 1969.

After Luciano was murdered, Albert Anastasia took over the Mangano crime family. He also became head of the Brooklyn rackets. His brother Ty was a Genovese capo and he and Freddy Geas worked for Anthony Arillotta. He knew that Geas was the person who killed Boston Bulger.


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