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How Does Hip Hop Influence Society?

How does hip hop influence society? While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact answer, rap’s ubiquity and cultural impact are certainly noteworthy. The culture has contributed to social and political upheavals, from the Civil Rights Movement to the rise of neoliberalism and the emergence of the post-racial society. In addition, hip hop’s mass appeal made it possible for black people to become active participants in politics and society, while establishing themselves as racial role models for disadvantaged youth 52av.

In addition to the social changes that rap culture brought, hip hop also had a profound impact on the minds of young people. The lyrics and image of hip-hop artists represent a lifestyle that many of these young people emulate. Because most rappers are African-American men, many of these artists become role models for black boys who would otherwise have few role models. Hip hop’s messages about gang culture are relatable to these boys, and therefore sway their opinion on their peers.

While some rappers use rap songs to promote social change, the lyrics of many songs can be confronting. Rap music can glorify violence, drug use, and gender discrimination. But many mainstream rap songs contain high-risk messages and profanity. Fortunately, hip hop’s positive impact on the lives of urban youth is increasingly being recognized as a tool to help combat these issues and promote community wellbeing. This is good news for society, because these rap artists are already making waves on the cultural scene.

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