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Incident Investigation Procedure Flowchart

An incident investigation procedure flowchart is an integral part of an accident investigation. If an incident occurs, the process begins by preserving the scene and gathering evidence if any. In addition, a proper investigation plan determines the resources required, the people involved and the length of time required to complete the investigation. Often, an investigation team is more effective than one investigator working alone. There are many resources and different types of information that can be collected.

The process can be further customized by blending classic investigation paradigms with cutting-edge process design. Moreover, flowcharts may be based on extensive literature on the topic to strengthen the science and ability of accident investigation. Experts in the field may contribute to this synthesis. But the ultimate goal of a flowchart is to improve a company’s safety practices and reduce accidents. A proper flowchart should have a visual introduction.

Incident investigations can be conducted following an injury, death, or damage. An investigation should focus on identifying the conditions and events that led to the injury. Corrective actions should be formulated based on the findings. A company should determine what the appropriate procedures and communication methods are for reporting an incident. It should also establish a timeline for completion of the corrective actions. Finally, the investigation must be followed by follow-up measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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