Strategic Facilitation for Brazilian: A Guide to Leading Purposeful Fixed Day Meetings

As specialists in strategic planning at Brazilian escorts London, we are frequently asked how to organize a strategic planning meeting, because exceptional strategic meetings do not happen by chance. They happen because someone is dedicated to facilitating a strategic planning session. THINKING about the meeting’s objective and conclusion, PLANNING all of the specifics, and DOING the difficult job of executing the meeting. This is the duty of an expert strategic planning facilitator, who can assist you in better defining your strategy, developing a winning annual plan, and leaving with an action plan to complete your yearly efforts. A large amount of challenging work must be completed to facilitate a planning session. These strategies should be applied to both in-person and virtual strategic planning sessions with your management team.

Strategic CEOs should be aware that, in addition to our capacity to teach, coach, and facilitate particular material and technique during on-site sessions, one of the primary reasons CEOs choose to invite us in to run their sessions is so that the CEO can fully engage and implement their 5-year plan template. It is hard for a CEO to adequately facilitate a session with all stakeholders while also actively participating. The CEO’s commitment and engagement are critical to achieving the intended result. Session facilitation is an additional load that should be assigned to another team member or an expert facilitator. You should either learn how to be a competent facilitator with tips and techniques or talk with us to determine whether hiring a professional is a smart idea.

Step 1 of Strategic Planning Facilitation: 

THINK Stephen Covey instructs us in the Meeting’s Purpose and Outcome to “begin with the end in mind.” What is the goal of this gathering? What do we expect to achieve? Who should come? What are our workshop’s strategic objectives? What preparation (study and homework) should meeting attendees conduct before the meeting? What particular results or outputs do we expect from this strategic planning session? What is a facilitator’s function in a strategic planning session? Do we need a backup plan in case of a recession in 2024?

An Objective Statement is made up of three parts:

Part 1: TO: (What action are you taking? What are your plans? Begin with a verb.)


Part 2 IN SUCH A WAY THAT: (How are you going to do it? List the criteria, scope, involvement, success metrics, particular techniques, side effects, and any other pertinent information. Make use of bullet points.)

Part 3. SO THAT: (What are you doing? Why is it necessary? What is the primary advantage?)

Example of an Objective Statement for a Quarterly Planning Session at a Company

OBJECTIVE STATEMENT FOR QUARTERLY PLANNING TO: Hold a realistic strategic planning session.


  • Bring together the Senior Leadership Team for two full days to build a successful plan.
  • Highlights the accomplishments of the previous quarter
  • Updates and advances our Annual Plan, as well as long-term goal achievement
  • It enables us to discuss-debate-agree on crucial matters as a group.
  • It prepares us to overcome any potential roadblocks to meeting our year-end objectives.
  • Identifies 3-5 company priorities, including owners and clear success criteria
  • Determines distinct Individual Priorities for each member of the leadership team
  • This allows us to start thinking about next year’s Annual Plan.
  • It enables us to identify our strengths and flaws.

Answers the most pressing issues confronting our organization and industry

It assists us in defining and communicating our company strategy to the whole organization.

Facilitating Strategic Planning Step 2: 

Plan Every Detail Ahead of Time

When you gather your team for a meeting, whether for a few hours or several days, you commit time, energy, and money. Being sufficiently prepared is the best way to guarantee you get the most out of your investment. The preparatory checklist provided below can assist you.

Process of Strategic Planning Checklist for Meeting Preparation

schedule the date – You should decide on and schedule the date as soon as possible so that everyone on your team can attend. The more you delay, the more difficult it is to locate a suitable time. If this is a regular, planned meeting, make sure everyone has it on their calendar every time it happens and actively try to safeguard the team’s scheduled time.

Choose a Facilitator – You must choose the correct individual to facilitate your session. The facilitator is in charge of developing the agenda, preparing content (slides/visuals), coming early to guarantee proper setup and materials, testing equipment, and guiding the session.

Choose a meeting or planning session location – A meeting or planning session in your conference room may be useless. The possibility of losing attention and being distracted by operational concerns grows tremendously. This is acceptable for short, weekly meetings, but for 1-2 day planning sessions, we advocate sending your team off-site. 

Choose a Meeting Coordinator – This person is in charge of handling all of the logistics for the meeting, such as ensuring that all participants have made travel arrangements, that the conference room (on-site or off-site) is booked and ready for the session, and that all participants are aware of any homework/preparation required for the session. Use a detail-oriented member of your team to create a strategic planning checklist for future sessions.


We hope you find the facilitation approaches described in this article useful in keeping group conversations cheerful and fruitful. We hope this has helped to address your question on how to lead a strategic planning session.

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