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The use of hemp extract and marijuana in dietary supplements and cosmetics today

The popularity and trend of hemp extract in the country are extreme. After the release of marijuana laws, no matter where you turn, you will always see the symbol and products containing hemp-marijuana extracts, whether it is herbs, drugs, food or beverages. The unlocking of marijuana liberalization has made most people more interested in hemp extracts due to many valuable properties, such as relieving stress, Protecting nerve cells, anti-seizure, pain relief, and anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic effects.

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Derma Health will take everyone to learn the beneficial properties of hemp extract. What products can hemp extract be processed into? How much does hemp extract cost? Along with the requirements for the use of hemp extracts.

What is CBD & Hemp Extract?

Many people may not have heard of CBD oil, or CBD is an extract classified in the cannabinoid group. (CBD shop) that can be used for medical purposes. It is a substance extracted from hemp or marijuana, but CBD is very little in marijuana. Most of them are extracts derived from hemp strains that have been developed and have medicinal properties. They can be used to treat symptoms of various diseases. The benefits of hemp extract include reducing inflammation. Pain relief against insomnia reduces anxiety Help reduce and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. And reduce headaches, migraine pain, etc.

Constituents of hemp

Hemp is a medicinal plant in many parts, including inflorescences, seeds, leaves, bark, stems, branches, roots and hemp extracts. It can be used as an ingredient in many products to help add properties and value.


Hemp inflorescences are popularly extracted to obtain substances in the group. Phytocannabinoids with medicinal properties, such as hemp extracts, can be used as a mixture of various products to add value or treat and relieve various symptoms for medical purposes.

 Hemp seed extract 

Hemp seed extract can be used as an ingredient in food and health care products Because it is a highly nutritious part, including linoleic acid (Linoleic acid), classified as an omega-6 fatty acid. That provides good health benefits and alpha-linolenic acid (Alpha-Linolenic acid, ALA), classified as an omega-3 fatty acid. Valid for adults and the elderly, hemp seed oil also contains protein and vitamin E.

Hemp leaves

Hemp leaves are commonly used as food ingredients. And drink It can also be used to make bio-fertilizers. and building materials such as fibreglass and fiberboard, etc.

 Bark trunk fibre 

The bark and stems of hemp are commonly used to make fibres to be processed into clothing—lightweight bulletproof vests and ropes. In addition, the trunk core can be made into bricks or mixed with concrete for construction work.


CBD shop can be processed or used as ingredients for herbal products, cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.


Hemp root contains substances that have many medicinal properties. The passenger is called triterpenoids (Triterpenoids), which can be used as ingredients or processed into medicines for various diseases and symptoms, including joint pain—immunity, Treatment of bleeding, leucorrhoea, etc.

 CBD extract 

CBD extract, or what many people call hemp extract, is derived from hemp. Without causing intoxication or euphoria like marijuana, CBD shop extract has medicinal properties and can be used in many medical applications, whether it helps relax. Reduce insomnia Reduces nausea and vomiting and can stimulate appetite. It is also popular to use hemp extracts with no more than 2.0% THC to make cosmeceuticals, herbs, drugs, and dietary supplements to nourish the body.

How is CBD different from THC?

CBD or hemp extract is an extract that has medicinal properties that can be used in medicine. And can be used as a mixture of cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages. The hemp extract has anti-stress, analgesic, anti-convulsant and anti-inflammatory effects. Importantly, hemp extracts do not cause intoxication or addiction, unlike THC. (Psychoactive) makes you feel euphoric, relaxed, tired, easy to fall asleep, anti-pain, anti-vomiting and helps relax muscles. But it can make the user addicted.

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